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A Game Design Competition for You.

For Administrators

As an administrator, you are always looking for ways to show you how your school’s choices, investments, and hard work are preparing students for their next big step. Use this competition as a way to let students express their creativity and newly learned skills by creating games of value driven by their passion.

For Educators

Our competition is easy for you and your students to engage with. The rules and submission instructions are part of the course you are already teaching. The skills they need to compete are already what you are teaching. Use this competition as a way to entice your students to take what they are learning with you, create with it, value it and push it out to the world.

For Student Competitors

Why not take what you are learning and turn it into something to positively affect others. Show that your skills, talents and passion can create games that can affect the world. You need only to take what you have learned and add your creativity to bring something new to change the lives of others. Games have the power to educate, train and effect change. There is no reason to wait to make a difference. Challenge yourself now and make it happen.

So, Why?

Since 2007 our competition has been showing what we all know. Learners of all ages are highly creative, talented and can build incredible entries that often surprise and humble us.

But they can not do this without a focus for their talents and energy. The Future Game and App Designer Challenge gives students the target they need to drive their passion and ingenuity. By giving them a goal for success and a reward for achievement, we intend to help propel them into their future careers.

Competitors get documentation of their submissions they can add to their career and college ready portfolios. Portfolios they are building as part of the course and a tool to help them in their next steps to career or advanced education.

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How much time do you have left? Check out the timer and be sure to get your awesome game submissions to us by 11:59 pm CST May 18 2018. We can't wait to play them.


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Student Future Game and App Designer Competition

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