In many of our courses, we have our own edutainment games. In our video game design course, we have our Anti-Smoking game, in which you throw water balloons at people smoking.**

2017-03-28 11_34_46-C__Users_Sloan_Dropbox_CTELearning_Blogs_vid game design_AntiSmoke.swf - Interne                    2017-03-28 11_33_16-C__Users_Sloan_Dropbox_CTELearning_Blogs_vid game design_AntiSmoke.swf - Interne

This is most definitely an edutainment game, as it encourages people to not smoke. To further encourage the education, the start screen of the game could have a small blurb about why smoking is harmful. There could also be an “information” screen with more information about resources that can help a person stop smoking. Adding these solidifies the game into the edutainment genre, but still lets the game be fun, engaging, and slightly ridiculous.


**Please do not actually throw water balloons at smokers.