Every year, a number of students make mistakes when submitting their final product that can cause them to be disqualified. We are going to list the top 5 mistakes made, to help you avoid doing the same!

  1. Using Copyrighted Material

I get it, we aren’t all artists. I can barely draw a stick figure. You may be tempted to use images found online to better the appearance of your game or app, but if these images are copyrighted, it will disqualify you. Be sure to make your own images or use ones that are public domain.

  1. Not submitting all required submission parts

There are a few things that have to be submitted along with your game or app. When submitting, you must include:

  • Game/App/Text Adventure
  • Source code and resource files
  • Signed copy of Game/App submission and developers log form
  • Passion and Purpose Video
  • Promotional Trailer and Demo Video
  • Signed student video release form

If any item is not submitted, the project will not be judged. For more information, be sure to check the rules and submissions.

  1. Not formatting submission correctly

Similar to number 2. All parts must be submitted in the correct format. Games use EXE, apps APK, and text adventures HTML pages in a folder. Videos must be MP4. Everything should be in a .zip or .rar file, with the name being formatted as GameName_GradeLevel_Teacher’sLastName.zip. You can see examples of this under rules and submissions.

  1. Not fully testing game or app

After putting your game into an .exe, .apk, or .html file, be sure to test it. We will not contact students about non-working games. We may still be able to judge some based off of the videos, but it will be hard without actually being able to play the game. For this reason, be sure you test it. Let friends or classmates play it to be sure it is easy to understand and play.

  1. Submitting after the deadline

All submissions are due by 6PM CST on May 20th 2017. No exceptions. Late submissions will not be judged.

Hopefully this helps everyone avoid making these common mistakes! We cannot wait to receive your games and apps!

As always, if there are any questions, check out our FAQ or contact the Student President, Sloan Kiechel (studentfgdc@gmail.com).