With less than 10 days left before the due date for Future Mobile App and Game Design Challenge, many students are putting the finishing touches on their projects and creating their videos. As a judge, one of my pet peeves is when students record the screen with their phone or other camera. So, I hope to limit that this year by providing a list of the best free screen recording software.

2017-05-11 12_40_44-ActivePresenter

  1. Active Presenter

Available on Windows and iOS, Active Presenter is a free software that allows you to record your screen, system sound, and microphone. It allows you to choose the area to record, and has no set time limit for the free version recordings. It also allows you to edit your video with transitions slides, but many of the editing options are not available for the free version. I was having issues with the screen display being laggy, it couldn’t follow my cursor without jumping around. I had this issue on my surface laptop, but not on my desktop PC, so it may vary.

  1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Available on Windows and iOS, Icecream Screen recorder allows you to not only record your screen, but webcam as well. It allows you to choose what area you want to record in, and it also allows you to draw on the screen while recording. There is a 5-minute recording limit for the free version, and the webcam recording has a slight delay. It also saves the videos as webm instead of mp4, so if you choose to use this, you will have to use a file converter to make it mp4, which is also free and easy to use.

  1. Bandicam

Bandicam is only available on Windows, but it is by far the easiest to use recorder for students. You can choose the area as well as draw on it while recording. It has the most in-depth options for a free version, but also doesn’t overwhelm the user as anyone can just open it and hit record and ignore all the other options. It records in mp4, so once you are done recording, your video is ready to submit! It does have a watermark for the free version, but a watermark looks better than recording the screen with a phone.



If you are on Windows, without a doubt I would choose Bandicam. If you are on iOS, it is a toss up between Icecream Screen Recorder and Active Presenter. Both have their pros and cons, so whichever sounds better to use is up to you. When downloading, always be sure to read everything. When researching, I did not pay attention when downloading a program not listed here, and it ended up downloading several unwanted programs to my machine. When in doubt, don’t download, or ask a teacher for help!

Hopefully this helps students record better videos, and as always, you can contact me at studentfgdc@gmail.com with any questions!