FGADC logo

Our competition has been around for 10 years now, and all 10 years we have had the same logo. We decided it was time for some change. It is my great pleasure to show off our brand new logo, and announce our slight name change!

We have been “Future Mobile App and Game Designer Challenge” for quite some time now, but we wanted to find a way to shorten the name to allow it to cover all categories that the competition may cover in the future, as well as make something easy to abbreviate. As of today, we will now be the “Future Game and App Designer Competition” (FGADC for short). We feel this name change will suit us for years to come as we open more categories such as web applications.

Our social media will be changing as well. Most notably, our website is no longer futureappgame.com, it will now be fgadc.com. On Facebook, we are now @FutureAppGameDesignerCompetition or, Future Game and App Designer Competition. On twitter, we are @futureappgame still, but our visible name has been changed to FGADC.

Now that we have our new name, we will finally be announcing the winners of the competition this year. Keep an eye out for it within the next few days as we create the certificates.

My email will be staying the same, so if there are any questions email me at studentfgdc@gmail.com