I am not and have never been in any ISL courses, but I have a working app/game and want to enter. Can I?

Unfortunately, no. Our challenge is only for students who are currently in an ISL course or has completed one during the current academic year.

I am not currently in an ISL course, but I took and completed one earlier this academic year, can I enter?

Yes. If you are currently enrolled in an ISL course or have taken and completed it this academic year, you may enter the challenge.

I am not currently in an ISL course, but I took and completed one last academic year, can I enter?

No, you must currently be enrolled or have taken an ISL course during the current academic year.

I am not an artist. Are games judged by the overall look?

Overall look is a minor part of judging. We understand that your resources are limited, as is your experience. Judging includes functionality, concept, educational value, and many other categories. Making it look nice is awesome, but if your game doesn’t work or doesn’t have educational value, the prettiness of it will not matter.

I submitted a game, but my team has gone back and further improved it. Can we resubmit?

As long as it is within the competition dates, you may resubmit. However, you must note the change of version in the name of the submission, otherwise the first submission will be used and the later submission ignored.

Can I use images I found online in my app or game?

All media used must be original (made by you), public domain, or used with written consent. If you have copyrighted material in your game and do not have permission to use it, that is grounds for disqualification.

I am already a part of one team, but my friends also want me to join their team. Can I submit on multiple teams?

No. Any team member listed on more than one team will disqualify every team they are on.

Do we have to appear in the videos required for submission?

No. Teams may use voice-over if they do not want to be seen in videos.

I have a question not answered here, who do I contact?

Contact the Student President, Sloan Kiechel (studentfgdc@gmail.com)