All submissions due by 11:59pm CST May 18 2018 – No Exceptions.

Rules and Submission

– Student Video Game and App Design Competition


The rules can be found in your course under your Student Course Resources. Look for the “Future Mobile App and Game Designer Challenge and Rules” link. Follow this link for rules and tips on submitting your game and videos.


Submission Upload Instructions

To upload your competition entry, please use the button below.

Files can only be uploaded in a *.zip or *.rar formatted archive file format

There is a 128MB upload limit – If there is an issue with your submission being greater than 128MB then contact us well in advance of the deadline. (Remember you can always compress your videos using a free product like HandBrake. )

Upload and Submit Here

Teams remember that you need to submit your Trailer Video and your Passion Video along your Game or App.

You will find the complete rules, video requirements and more explanations inside your course.

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Student Future Game and App Designer Competition

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