Course Specifications

  • Competition – Women Designed Games
  • Levels – Middle School, High School
  • Team Size – 1 – 3
  • Submission Type – Upload to site
  • Prerequisites to Submit – Student currently enrolled in iVGD course / Instructor Approval

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Women Designed Games – Student Video Game Design Competiion

The Challenge

This challenge is exclusively for all woman teams to create the next great edutainment game. Studies show that women and men are attracted to different types of video games. What we want to find out is what happens when you give young women the chance to design, build and create the game. Where will those games take us and how will an all-woman team shape the path of learning or social change through a game experience? Sadly, employment numbers show us that we are not attracting enough bright and talented women into the important fields of coding, math, science, and technology. For this challenge, the edutainment game must help to teach subject matter that is specific to an age and grade. Or you may choose to deal with a Social Issue that you want to call attention to or to help drive positive change in the greater community where you see a great need. The game should be appropriate to your target audience. The game must have a storyline, and the play should support the theme and purpose of the game. A description of 2 additional levels should be included in the documentation for the game.

We await your entry eagerly.

Your Chance!

We believe there is power in the creativity and skills of students. In this challenge, we are giving you a voice to speak out, teach, share and help others through your unique perspective, talents, and passion for game design. This app competition is your turn to shape learning for the better and to improve, through dynamic educational gaming, the lives of others.

Do you have what it takes to impact the world? We are betting that you do. If so, create the best mobile app or mobile game and show the world what you got.

Rules and other important information

The rules, submission documentation and FAQ’s and supporting videos are provided as part of your course. Please see the module entitled “Future App Game Competition” for further details.

What are your next steps?

  • Talk to your teacher
  • Check out the competition section in your course materials
  • Review the Submission and Rules
  • Check out the Trophy Case to see past winners
  • Connect with our Twitter and Facebook (competitor hints)
  • Check out the Blog for updates, judge notes and competitor interviews
  • Come up with your winning concept and build your game (Oh and don’t forget to submit it!)

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